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The solution is social
We close the gap between vision and execution.
We are specialists in digital conversation.

Here at PostStone we provide customer facing business development methodologies and tools for organisations of all sizes. Our services are designed to deliver rapid strategic insight into customer relationships and deliver immediate business development opportunities and performance improvements.

Our business model focuses on four simple steps:

Review > Interact > Stimulate > Execute

Our service portfolio comprises of three key strategic toolsets:

RISE 1 - Providing Now Insight
RISE 2 - Delivering Refresh Strategies
RISE 3 - A Process Catalyst

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Building Customer Opportunity through Hidden Demand

Six years ago, Simon Rothman was idly searching eBay for a model Ferrari when he discovered two genuine Ferraris in the auction site’s toy collectibles section. Rothman, who also happened to work in business development at eBay, dug a little deeper and found 200 more listings for used automobiles – all located under model cars. The discovery kick-started eBay into monitoring the number of cars for sale and later that year they created a specific category for used automobiles. The following year eBay Motors was developed as a separate business unit. Today car sales represent roughly 30 percent of eBay's revenues.

You may know your goal, but you don't always know your path

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have made the BlackBerry synonymous with wireless email and in the process created the sexiest, most user-friendly business tool since the calling card.



Hidden in Plain Sight

Fred Reichheld attracted a lot of attention with his book The Ultimate Question that claimed the answer to one question was a better indicator of future sales than any other customer-satisfaction measure. That’s right, one simple question – "Would you recommend us to a friend?" – offering the key to one complicated forecast.



Rick Wolfe and what he does

"I'm somebody who loves to discover. I'm somebody who loves to explore. And the payoff from exploration is when you find something meaningful and you find something fresh and exciting and valuable."

Exploring the SocialCast
Part One: What's different about web video?

Web video can humanize, allow us to witness, help us feel connected, encourage dialogue, invite participation, and allow sharing.

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