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Narrative Attractions

Journalists have been observers and participants in conferences, think tanks and infotainment interactions produced by PostStone over the years. Here are some of their stories.

Leadership. What is it? How do we do it? Where do we find it?

True leaders inspire, create a dazzling picture of the future. and shake things up without destroying the follower’s beliefs.

Banking Reinvented

Customers no longer trust their financial institutions the way they did, which requires rebuilding brand, customer experience, and relationships. The power of information in financial services has shifted from vendor to buyer. This shift has caused a further shift away from the traditional bank/customer relationship model.


Corporates, as with Individuals, Just Want Relationships

Whether you are a pensioner, a small business, or a major corporation, when dealing with your bank you want to be understood.

Access Group Social Media Event

It may not be easy to establish the precise value of building a better ability to understand/communicate with employees and customers, but there is evident benefit in developing the capability nonetheless.


Factors in Becoming a Learning Organization

There is a divergence of opinion as to whether employers need to take the lead in driving ongoing learning, or whether they are more narrowly responsible for creating the opportunity for motivated employees to learn.

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